2022 Junior Season Info

We play in the Northern Football Region (NRF) and the bulk of the fees we collect cover the NRF Auckland competition entry fees and resources they develop for coaches, players and clubs. The remaining amount covers equipment and operating costs. 

Find games here:

NRF Website >>> Competitions >>> Junior Football (U9-U12) >>> Central Auckland Junior Fixtures

>>> Then use the dropdown menu to find your team (e.g. U9 Central Auckland Pukeko Orange)

We have 6 Junior / Youth Teams (90 players aged 9-17) competing in Auckland and 40 kids aged 4-8 playing on Saturdays here on the island. 

NRF Coaching Resources

Health and Safety 

NRF Football & Health

COVID-19 Protection Framework one-pager 

We are all volunteers and we aim to create a welcoming, safe place.  Waiheke United has Codes of Conduct in place for players and coaches.  When you register, you agree to abide by those. If you see or feel actions have been taken against our Code of Conduct please email our Club Secretary (Secretary@WaihekeUnited.org.nz) in accordance with our policy for Waiheke United Concerns and Complaints 


Registration Key Dates 

01 Mar - Registration opens 

20 Mar - Registration closes 

28 Mar - 6 teams U9-U14 submitted to NRF without players names 

03 Apr - Coaches final selection of players for teams (Meet 2-3pm Clubroom) 

10 Apr - Full invoice to NRF for 6 teams paid -- or some teams will be withdrawn 


07 May - First competition game (Auckland league) continuing weekly 

17 Sep - Last competition game   

NO GAMES: 04 Jun, 16 Jul, 23 Jul and 13 Aug 

NRF Season Calendar 2022 -- Waiheke United plays JUNIOR and YOUTH (at the top) 

NRF Junior Football Regulations 2022 

NRF Juniors (Age 9-12) 

Season Fee $175 

Weekday Training (1 hour) plus Saturday Games (1 hour plus travel time) in Terms 2 and 3 

U9 Coach – Steven Holden - steven.holden@copleyfundresearch.com and Manager – TBA

U10 Coach – Steffen Ernst - steffen.ernst101@gmail.com and Managers Alex Fazzari - alex.fazzari@gmail.com and Gonsa Garcia -- waihekedriveways@gmail.com 

U11 Coach – Arne Nieuwenhuys - arne.nieuwenhuys@gmail.com and Manager – Davina Meduno - anivadthesailor@yahoo.com

U12 Coach – Coach - Steve Nuthall - sharkattack26@hotmail.com and Coach - Kelly Escombe - florpv@hotmail.com and and Manager Denise Whitfield - denisemarywhitfield@gmail.com

Coaches will contact you for training dates. 

NRF Youth (Age 13-17) 

Season Fee $175 

Weekday Training (1 hour) plus Futsal Training (1 hour) plus Saturday Games (1 hour plus travel time) in Terms 2 and 3 

U14 and U15 Coaches – Richard Klipin - richard.klipin@fsc.org.nz and Danilo Borderi - borderi.danilo@mac.com and Managers Alexa Cridge - alexacnz@hotmail.com and Julie Moore julie@schoolofrock.co.nz 

U17 Coach Simon Bickerton - s.bickerton@auckland.ac.nz and Coach Jonathon Miles -  jonathan.miles@aucklandcouncil.govt.nz and Manager - Dale Griffin - dale.g@xtra.co.nz  

First Kicks (Age 4-6) Fun Football (Age 7-8) -- FKFF 

Season Fee $85 

Saturdays 9-10am in Terms 2 and 3 

Coach – Quite a few awesome dads and moms! – please contact Dan if you want to coach -- daniel.tisch@waihekeunited.org.nz

Manager – We need an admin person to plan sausage sizzles and stuff – please contact Dan if you can help out -- daniel.tisch@waihekeunited.org.nz


Fees cover the NRF competition entry fees, facilities, equipment and operations.  

Uniforms ($55-$150) and Transport ($0-100) per season will be additional, depending on how our volunteer efforts to fundraise will go -- please contact Dan Tisch – daniel.tisch@waihekeunited.org.nz -- if you can help fundraise. 

Donations welcome either via  https://givealittle.co.nz/org/waihekeunited  

Team Selection 

Coaches decide who plays in each team, with DOB as the starting point.  Dispensation rules apply.  While individual requests are considered, please respect the coach is best positioned to decide for the sake of the team. 


Email will be used for training, games and communication expected to be read by all members.   

Social media and other apps (example WhatsApp, Messenger) may duplicate information used informally for team comms and photos -- however, please respect that some people don't use social media. 



Shirts for home (red) and away (blue) games are distributed by the Manager before every game and collected afterwards. 

Shorts and other apparel can be purchased with the Waiheke United branding here: 


Refunds and Hardship 

Fees for 2022 will be fully refundable due to uncertainties.  We understand financial hardship happens -- please email Richard our Treasurer to talk through options – treasurer@waihekeunited.org.nz 

NEW: Director of Football

Thabiso Elliot Tleane (Tee) -- Tee@waihekeunited.org.nz -- will oversee football coaching and pathways from Junior through our Men's and Women's teams.  This role came with Waiheke United's promotion to the National Northern League, thanks to the Men's First team.


WU Committee Who’s Who 

President – Nick Saunders – president@waihekeunited.org.nz 

Vice-President – Vacant – please contact Simon secretary@waihekeunited.org.nz if you are interested. 

Treasurer – Richard Klipin – treasurer@waihekeunited.org.nz 

Secretary – Simon Harvey – secretary@waihekeunited.org.nz 

Mens Team Rep – Gareth Jenkinson – gareth.jenkinson@waihekeunited.org.nz 

Womens Team Rep – Vacant – please contact Simon secretary@waihekeunited.org.nz if you are interested. 

Junior Teams Rep – Dan Tisch – daniel.tisch@waihekeunited.org.nz 

Sponsorships – Steve McClory – sponsorship@waihekeunited.org.nz 

Legendary Supporter – Geoff Bilbee – geoffbilbee@gmail.com 



Café Manager – Malena Gavalda -- Malena.gavalda@hotmail.com.ar 

Club Administrator – Dale Griffin (temporary) – JuniorSecretary@waihekeunited.org.nz 

Warm regards  

Waiheke United Committee