Football Training is for upskilling and fitness during the off season, which runs October through February. 

To make things run smoothly, parents please note:

1. It would be great if you could speak with your child to help them understand the expectations for this course. Whilst we want it to be fun and enjoyable, we also want kids to listen to coaches and be motivated to learn :) This will really help the coaches. 

2. Be on time.  Coaching will start on time and it's hard on everyone when kids turn up late. 

3. Fed and ready to run.  Please pack a full water bottle and snack for your child.  We don't want any hungry children :) 

4. Age specific training.  Please check with the coach to ensure your child fits in with the training. 

5. For unforseen circumstances, please let the coach know.

6. For refunds, please see our refund policy.